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5 lokakuun-21.00

Borgzinner from Germany will make a stop at Bar 15 on their Baltic Stripes Tour on Thursday, 05.10.2023. It´s an early show so there is no excuse to not show up because of work the next day! 😉
Doors: 20
Start: 21
Fee: 7 €
About the band:
After the band was active from 2008 – 2021 under its old name ”La Familia” and has already toured through more than 20 different countries, a right-wing covid-denier group was formed during the
pandemic and took the same name for itself. With a decidedly antifascist stance, the 13-year-old band name was quickly and consistently dropped.
Thematically and musically, ”Borgzinner” moves far away from a positive ska-vibe. It is much more anger, despair and the empowerment of the struggle for individual identities and basic attitudes that are processed at an average speed of 220 BPM.


5 lokakuun


Bar 15 Basement
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Bar 15 Basement